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Welcome To Union Christian Matriculation Higher Secondary School

Union Christian Matriculation Higher Secondary School, established way back in 1979, today stands tall and proud as an institution par excellence. Founded and managed by the Union Christian Association, this school holds high its motto, which reads, “From Darkness to Light.” Our co-educational, English-medium institution was formally recognized as a Matriculation Higher Secondary School by the government of Tamil Nadu in the year 2000. Over the span of three decades, the school has carved a niche for itself as one of the leading educational institutions in the city, priding itself on the young minds it has moulded and created over the years. We believe a good education extends beyond just books, as the children are given the chance to explore, create, innovate and experience education in a very real way. We foster an environment where children develop a thirst for knowledge, and learn to love learning as they grow. We can proudly say that our alumni have made a mark for themselves as leaders, business people, entrepreneurs, artists and more – both in our own country, and the world-over.

The motto of the school is


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