Co-curricular Activities

Co-curricular activities focus on equipping the students to lead a productive and healthy life. As an institution, we have strategically affiliated ourselves with several reputed institutions and organizations to create added learning opportunities for our students.

The Hindu Step Olympiad is an annual competitive English examination for our students of grades 6-10 where they compete with schools across the country. Our children receive certificates and rankings based on their performance, apart from which, they also receive a detailed report about how they have answered to help them improve themselves.

This tablet-based examination, conducted by The Hindu, was created in associate with the Cambridge English Language Assessment, a department of the University of Cambridge, UK.

The Times of India Aptitude Test is another competitive exam in which our students of grade 6-10 participate. The test is a general aptitude test, which examines their understanding of several key concepts. This also gives them exposure to competitive examinations for the future.

Newspaper in Education – Each student of our school is given a subscription to the Times of India’s NIE (Newspaper in Education. The children benefit a lot from the articles, information and activities in this periodical.

Scholastic India organizes book clubs and book fairs and students are also given an opportunity to actively participate in competitions that are organized by them. This encourages reading and writing and student are exposed to myriads of literary giants both contemporary and anachronistic.

The Rotary Inner Wheel Club conducted a self-defense workshop for our High School students.

Apart from these, career guidance workshops are held where students are encouraged to explore new avenues to pursue their careers, in sync with their aptitude and interests. Self-defense classes are held to prepare girls to defend themselves.