Co-curricular Activities

Co-curricular activities focus on equipping the students to lead a productive and healthy life. As an institution, we have strategically affiliated ourselves with several reputed institutions and organizations to create added learning opportunities for our students.

My English Corner

‘Knowledgeof languages is the door to wisdom‘

A one of a kind venture, our focus is to enable students to communicate effectively in English and maximize their learning potential with a goal to achieve excellence through Emotional Intelligence and ensure that ‘No Child is left behind’. Keeping in the forefront the LSRW skills, emphasis is laid on phonics and spoken English at all levels. This is a promising concept based course, all under one roof, where every child is groomed in etiquette and develops a holistic personality. Here’s to a fantabulous future!!

Logical Reasoning

Borrowing from one of the greatest genius’ of all times Albert Einstein, who said that "pure Mathematics is the poetry of logical ideas”

We the Department of Mathematics have come together to create a new dimension to learning Maths. ‘Logical Reasoning’ is integral and complementary to the traditional acquisition of mathematical intelligence and encourages students to develop analytical and reasoning skills and the ability to communicate ideas effectively. Working with the students independently or collaboratively to help them understand Mathematics has made it easier for all to achieve mastery in solving complex and intriguing problems be it Math or life! Welcome to the fascinating world of numbers!!

Theatre Club

Theatre holds great importance as it fosters creativity, builds confidence, and enhances communication skills among students. It provides a platform for self-expression, teamwork, and understanding diverse perspectives, enriching their overall education and personal development.


Art & Craft

The Times of India Aptitude Test

is another competitive exam in which our students of grade 6-10 participate. The test is a general aptitude test, which examines their understanding of several key concepts. This also gives them exposure to competitive examinations for the future.

Newspaper in Education

Each student of our school is given a subscription to the Times of India’s NIE (Newspaper in Education. The children benefit a lot from the articles, information and activities in this periodical.

Scholastic India

organizes book fairs and students are also given an opportunity to actively participate in competitions that are organized by them. This encourages reading and writing and student are exposed to myriads of literary giants both contemporary and anachronistic.

Apart from these, career guidance workshops are held where students are encouraged to explore new avenues to pursue their careers, in sync with their aptitude and interests.